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Class introduction


We will teach you the basic movements and basic techniques of jiu-jitsu. It also teaches moves that can be used as self-defense. This class is recommended for beginners and white belt members.


I teach a wide range of jiu-jitsu techniques. We prepare for drills (repeated practice) and basic movements, and work on technique practice. The level is higher than the basic class. Sparring may occur, but participation is not compulsory.


This is a class where you take off your jiu-jitsu gi and wear a rash guard and fight shorts. The rules of the competition are slightly different, but the flow of the class is the same as the regular class.

open mat

It's time for the gathered members and instructors to freely work on drills and sparring. If you are a beginner, review what you have learned in class and ask the instructor if you do not understand.


This class is for women only. Beginners and those who are reluctant to practice with men can practice with confidence.


This class is for elementary school students and younger. Through fun mat exercises and learning the basics of jiu-jitsu, we aim to help you grow both physically and mentally. Some classes are taught in English by an American instructor, so you can develop your language skills.


Held at Iwakuni Academy. Active professional boxer Jeremy Cullers will carefully guide you from beginners to aspiring athletes. We also have morning classes.


This is a karate class taught by All-Japan champion Kenji Akiyama and MMA champion Shota Fujii. It is held at the Iwakuni Academy. Children from 4 years old can join. As the class is taught by two teachers with extensive teaching experience, even those without experience can attend with confidence.


This is a mixed martial arts class that uses all of the techniques of striking, throwing, and pinning. Many people have probably seen RIZIN or PRIDE on TV. LEOS' instructors are current champions, and they strive to provide technical instruction that will satisfy everyone from beginners to athletes. Held at Iwakuni Academy.

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