JBJJF All Japan Kids

8 people from LEOS participated in "JBJJF All Japan Kids" held in Yokohama on May 1st. 🥇 2 people 🥈 3 people 🥉 it was the result of 2 people.
Well done everyone! Congratulations!

The daily accumulation is important, so let's all work hard for the next one!

Women's Junior 2 Gray Belt Middleweight
1st Place Annabella Kimura

Women's Junior 1 Gray Belt Featherweight
Runner-up Amaiya Castro

Women's Pee-wee 2 White Belt Featherweight
3rd place Isabella Kimura

Junior 1 gray belt medium heavyweight
Runner-up Haruki Angeles

Junior 1 gray belt middleweight
3rd place James Beeson

Pee Wee 2 gray belt lightweight
Winner Caden Castro

Pee Wee 1 gray belt lightweight
Runner-up Angeles Ryuki Barrett

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